Sunik Kim(b.1986, South Korea) chose photography as a medium to be an artist and uses it as a way he keeps questioning how to live today, and what to achieve with his own artistic practice.

He attempts to translate a trivial detail he faces on a day to day basis into his own photographic language and it represents the nuance of the space. His first monograph <ISOLATION>, published in 2019 describes the reality and contradictions of human society by depicting various groups of people staying in the cafe space. The image in which cynicism, tenderness, and tenaciousness coexist at the same time is a willingness to struggle with the ever-changing reality. He keeps focusing on the interaction of the city and human while empowering it with the lightest ingredients in the space.

Solo Exhibition
2023 Temporary Garden, Arcadeseoul Mullae, Seoul, South Korea

Group Exhibition
2023 Garden City, Art space Lumos, Daegu, South Korea
2023 Yes24 Cradle of thoughtist, S-Factory, Seoul, South Korea
2023 Non-identification picture, Open studio, Seoul, South Korea
2022 Garden, Open studio, Seoul, South Korea
2022 Color2022, CICA Museum, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
2022 Palm* Photo Prize 2022, 1014 Gallery, London, UK
2022 One eye sees, the other feels, Daste bergamo, Bergamo, Italy
2022 Perusal from the trees, Space illi, Seoul, South Korea
2016 The scrap, Samyuk BD, Seoul, South Korea

Article & Interview
2023 Gardens by Elle Decor Korea
2023 Wildness by Yogurt Magazine
2022 Isolation by Whatreallymatters
2021 Interview with F-stop Magazine
2021 Explores the ability of plants to inhabit the city by C41 Magazine
2021 Isolation, among past and presentness by Private Photoreview
2019 Isolation by Visla Magazine

2023 Temporary Garden [box], Photobook, Self published, South Korea
2021 ㅠㅠ(yuyu), Photobook, Published by Boredroom, South Korea
2019 ISOLATION, Photobook, Self published, South Korea

Award & Project
2023 VICE Global Correspondent Project, New York, US
2023 Hong Kong Photobook Dummy Award, HK
2022 Palm* Photo Prize, London, UK