The world was shaken by the fear of unknown microorganism. My life has been changed too. Everyday I kept wandering around my neighborhood. I started this work from it. I wondered if I could work just by taking a walk around. A city had a clear distinction between where I could enter and where I couldn't by the outer walls and fences of buildings. It says, "It's my land from here, don't come in." I only went where I could legally go in as a citizen which was natural to do so. However when I saw a small gap, I couldn't resist the temptation and stepped over the fence into the unknown.



Exhibition view: Temporary Garden, Arcadeseoul Mullae, Seoul, South Korea <2023>

Temporary Garden [box]
*This box is a tangible form of the exhibition for you to create your own "Temporary Garden" on any occasion.

- 64 pieces of A2 size poster folded into four A3 size booklets (unbound)
- 300 copies of limited edition
- Offset print
- Printed in February 2023
- Designed by TTTC STUDIO