This project is an outcome of contemplation on what constitutes nature and what embodies naturalness. I don't perceive the subjects captured in photographs as nature itself. What can I possibly label the things I've seen?

The world was thrown into turmoil by the fear of an unknown pandemic. My daily routine underwent a transformation. Every day, I strolled around my neighborhood. In every alleyway, there were scattered unfamiliar sculptures crafted by human hands. The exterior walls of buildings and fences distinctly delineated between where I could go and where I couldn't. They proclaim, 'From here onward, it's my land; do not trespass'. I mostly went to only places where I was allowed to go. Such action felt right as one of the citizens. Nevertheless whenever a small gap appeared, I inevitably succumbed to the temptation and ventured my way into the unknown world beyond the wall.

I may be introverted and prone to embarrassment, but I didn't shy away from sneaking into others' territories unexpectedly. I have traversed the thresholds of others' private areas several times. I've sometimes taken a ladder without any permission to capture photos from high points on walls, and I've also come across the owners a few times. I have a sense of confidence that I can somehow navigate through those moments. By the way, taking photos on the street inevitably causes inconvenience to someone today. After deciding to complete it as a body of work, I took many pictures that winter. Since I've taken many photographs during the winter, the branches of dead trees appeared vividly. Whenever I looked at the dead trees, I often regarded them with compassion. Turning out, the truly pitiable one was none other than myself. Life and death were indistinguishable to them. I was the only presence who feared death.




Exhibition view: Temporary Garden, Variable dimention, Arcadeseoul Mullae, Seoul, South Korea <2023>

Temporary Garden [box]
*This box is a tangible form of the exhibition for you to create your own "Temporary Garden" on any occasion.

- 64 pieces of A2 size poster folded into four A3 size booklets (unbound)
- 300 copies of limited edition
- Offset print
- Printed in February 2023
- Designed by TTTC STUDIO