• 40 Pages
  • 190 X 270mm
  • Stapled booklet
  • Offset print
  • Self published in 2019
  • ISBN 979-11-967899-0-9

Kenektid x bookstore(Seoul)

Printed Matter, Inc(New York)

Eyes would be open if we couldn’t hear. If all of them couldn’t work well, then photography could have answered. Since reality is constantly updated, I should be changed every single moment. How to live today and how to take a step forward. Those are my ways of learning photography.

The reason why a piece of single printed photo on paper is beautiful is not because of the glowness of the surface and the scent of it. The copied rectangular image reflects me like a mirror and window and makes my sight face to outside. Although a picture which is printed on expensive paper looks plausible, this is not the reason why it’s called an art. It is harder to find something that looks bad in the era we live now ironically. I am sure the value of art would be brighter when we breakthrough a generalized framework of aesthetics.

The problems with the omnivorousness of photography in abstractness haven't been solved for me. I wanted to uncover reality more and more, which was what we wanted to ignore. I've always tried to make my work so that the audience can discover clues of their story themselves. They would become like mirrors and windows. 'Isolation' was the first step for this.

'Isolation' is the title of this photographic series. I got this title from the basketball game, which is used when one player breakthroughs relying on only his or her skill without passing the ball to other team members. I felt like that was our portrait. Individual boundaries got narrowed and uniformed. It is a well-organized order because of the strong national system and ultra-high technological civilization. In that situation, cafes were necessary places for us. I realized that I didn't need to generate an art myself because that was already there. It is the reality that all the people are together but alone simultaneously.